Constructing the Winning Offer

Approaching the strategic planning cycle and subsequent succession planning cycle, we wanted to pick up on a trend we are currently seeing in the candidate marketplace in order to provide our valued clients and prospects some (hopefully) timely advice. Previously, we addressed the dynamics of talent attraction, and how the changing dynamics of the talent… Read More »

Dynamics of Talent Attraction

Feedback from the recruiting industry and our candidate pool is uniquely aligned for the first time in many years. There is a true talent war occurring: keeping your high potential talent has never been harder – attracting and landing new talent increasingly difficult. During the recession we were afforded the luxury of deploying a “low… Read More »

Employee Branding

For teams in talent attraction this often means a re-evaluation of what worked in 2015, and brain storming what could help in 2016. We would like to share some ideas “from the candidates’ mouths” which may help you and your organization attract (and ultimately retain) better talent. Many of our executive candidates talk to us… Read More »

Elevate Your Talent Pipeline

Manufacturing in the United States is undergoing a workforce generational change. The social security administration estimates that 4 million people will retire in each of the next 11 years. The demand for finding world class talent is increasing as the talent pool is shrinking. Are you ready for this? The recession caused many workers to… Read More »