Focused on the success of your organization.

Every search is unique, even when they appear to be the same. The job title and description are just the beginning. We take a customized, consultative and confidential approach that delivers extraordinary results.

For us, executive recruiting services are about more than simply pressing a button to generate a list of leads from a database or ticking boxes on a checklist.

What sets us apart:

  • Innovative. It’s about researching companies, outside sources, or LinkedIn to find the appropriate person. We simply care about the people we interact with and the intimacy necessary to succeed.
  • Global. Most searches are in the United States, some for companies with European or Canadian ownership.
  • Discerning. We seek true change agents for our clients: individuals who can help successfully launch or turn around a company and executives who stay for the long-run and make a lasting impact.

Our Proven Search Process:

This approach can be customized to your specific needs and is consultative, and always fully confidential.

Initial Consultation

Together we will review your organizational structure, requirements and short and long-range expectations. We will only commit to searches we feel we can execute effectively.

Search Roadmap

We’ll review the technical qualifications, management competencies and personal characteristics of the ideal candidate to customize a search plan and timeline.


We use state of the art, in-house research tools to augment our extensive database and industry association contacts to provide a complete list of potential candidates in a timely fashion.


Our one-on-one approach ensures that each candidate has both the qualifications and interest to potentially become a valued addition to your organization.


Candidates undergo an extensive process designed to evaluate performance, accomplishments, and industry experience, as well as overall leadership qualifications and personal compatibility with your organization.

Long List

Once candidates have been qualified based on your requirements and our preliminary assessment, we’ll meet to discuss which candidates you would like us to move forward in the process.

Personal Interviews

Short-listed candidates will be interviewed before they are presented to you with confidential profiles detailing background, current responsibilities, career history, professional accomplishments, compensation and additional relevant experience.

Client Interviews

We will help to arrange and set up your interviews with the top candidates.

Industrial Psychological Assessments

If you would like these assessments to be part of your selection process, we can recommend neutral, third-party companies that offer these assessments.

Reference Checking

On request, we will contact individuals qualified to comment on the candidate’s background, accomplishments, personality and technical competence. Academic and personal references will also be checked.

Final Selection and Follow-Through

We will assist in the final selection process and provide additional background verification, psychometric testing or references considered necessary. If desired, we will act as an intermediary in the offer/compensation/benefits package negotiation. Following offer acceptance, we stay in contact with both you and the candidate in order to facilitate the transition.