Your trusted executive search firm.

Catalyst Recruitment Partners offers a broad spectrum of services customized to your unique needs, including:

Retained Search Services
Dedicated search service is conducted with the fee based on the candidates projected income. We offer an alternative that gives you the option of fixing the fee upfront, to better control search expenses.

Project Search Services
For non-executive, but critical or difficult to fill positions, we offer the alternative of a project-based search employing the same methodology as our retained search. Both the fee and payment structure can be adapted to fit within your budget for this level of search.

Selection Services
Online job postings often generate an overwhelming response, many from candidates who are unsuited for the position in question. Catalyst can advertise positions on your behalf and screen responses to your specifications, saving time and effort within your staffing department.

Proactive Succession Planning Support
Leadership changes can require a confidential external search to identify a suitable replacement without disrupting business. Catalyst can identify and recruit the right candidate for you to hire at the appropriate time.