DIRECTOR, HEALTH AND SAFETY – Rapidly growing dairy agricultural marketing cooperative.

GLOBAL MARKETING AND PRODUCT MANAGEMENT DIRECTOR – Manufacturer of paints, coatings and related products in North and South America and Europe.

SENIOR DIRECTOR, POST MARKET QUALITY – Fastest growing smoking cessation device company in the world.

SENIOR DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS-CONSUMER PRODUCTS – Rapidly growing dairy agricultural marketing cooperative.

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Our Differentiation

Being Customized, Consultative and Confidential sets us apart in how we help you achieve extraordinary results.

We simply care about the people we interact with and the intimacy necessary to succeed.

Our candidates and clients have expressed that the list of differentiation is much more extensive than simply those three main points.

* Client intimacy
* Candidate trust
* Global cognizance
* Global reach
* Limited blockage issues
* Industry recognition
* Industry understanding
* Technical understanding
* Business acumen
* Objective systematic search process
* In house confidential research
* Cross functional/Cross level search expertise
* Flexibility in search processes and procedures