DIRECTOR, HEALTH AND SAFETY – Rapidly growing dairy agricultural marketing cooperative.

GLOBAL MARKETING AND PRODUCT MANAGEMENT DIRECTOR – Manufacturer of paints, coatings and related products in North and South America and Europe.

SENIOR DIRECTOR, POST MARKET QUALITY – Fastest growing smoking cessation device company in the world.

SENIOR DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS-CONSUMER PRODUCTS – Rapidly growing dairy agricultural marketing cooperative.

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Project Search Services

In the case of specific search needs which may be at a level lower than the usual retained search, but where the hire is of key importance to our clients and usual recruitment channels have failed to identify the right candidate, we will undertake a project based search where we deploy the same methodology as our retained search. We will, however, tailor both the fee and the payment methodology to fit both the workload associated with the search and our client’s usual budget for hires at this level.